Monday, October 25, 2010


Just typed out this long ramble about my tutoring company, but then I realized that I don't care that much, that it's just an annoyance, and I'll probably have to deal with a lot worse, so I'm over it :)

In PC news, I innocently emailed my medical review assistant this morning to ask if she could tell if I'd need anything redone, seeing as how my nomination is now only about three months away. I got a bounce back email saying she was out of the office on the 22nd but would be back on the 25th (today). Also, if i had an urgent question, to call this one number, and if it was a general question I could email another address. I resent my same letter to the general address and got this response:

"Your medical materials just arrived last Thursday. Your file has been assigned to a screening nurse and will be reviewed in a timely manner. However, that may be several weeks. It’s very heavy here with so many applications coming in. The screening nurses have been down four nurses for a few months and those new hires are due to come in this week and next for initial training. That is all to say it is taking a little longer than we would like. All applicantions will be reviewed within 6 to 8 weeks of receipt. Hopefully, a lot sooner. You are always free to contact us, but for awhile, you are likely to get an answer that your file is with your screening nurse and will be reviewed in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience."

I want to write back and say thank you for your time, I appreciate the response, and ask if I send brownies, could he/she get me through by the end of the week :) I love how "timely manner" is juxtaposed next to "several weeks," "6 to 8 weeks," and "a little longer than we would like". Patience.

Also, I just realized I'm going to miss the last installment of the Harry Potter movie when it comes out. Boo.


Emily said...

ugh that is frustrating!! :( hopefully they get to it sooner than later. if i were you though, i would start thinking about how to be ready to get peace corps stuff done as soon as possible when you are finally invited. just so you are ready to go quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, we seem to be reading/commenting on all the same journals. All I'd like to say is please don't set your heart on hearing anything within 6-8 weeks. I've been waiting 4 months.


elizabeth said...

I'm not expecting to hear anything soon, I would just much rather be proactive from the start than get to the middle of December and have to get something redone that could have been done sooner if I'd asked. Also Emily, I'm not in a lease right now and am working a couple of temp jobs, intentionally so that I could leave more easily. Of course there will be things to take care of, but the major things such as quitting a job or selling a house aren't ones that I have to worry about.

RENEE! said...

OH MY GOSH. This now makes me realize that I'm going to miss the final installment of Harry Potter too!! NOOOO!!!!

Kati said...

Hey Liz, saw your comment on my blog, but thought I'd respond over here. It's really cool that you got a personal response rather than an auto-reply when sending it to the general mailbox. It's also really good to know what's going on inside headquarters for all of us outside. Loosing 4 nurses probably does make the work really hard for everyone else. But here's a plus! At least they have an internal policy of trying to process the medical stuff 6-8 weeks after they get it. Stay on top of them, and good luck!! :)

Jen Romba said...

Sooooo I'm with you on finding patience. Hang in there! As for Harry potter, I'm totally bummed about it too. I'll also probably miss both twilight final installments which is sort of sad too.