Wednesday, October 20, 2010

just to keep me in check...

... the universe handed me today. Got a 6:37 am call to sub as an ESE aide, "so, uh, dress comfortably," she warned me. Lovely. Checked my email on my phone while still laying in bed only to recieve this little gem from my tutoring company supervisor (sent at 6:51):

Good morning,

I kid you not it's in all caps with a red background. (It was sent to everyone, not just me.) Not that this should surprise me, since a lot of correspondence from that place comes in bright colors and capital letters, making it seem like the world is about to end. I got dressed in some yoga pants, a cute top, my jean jacket, and sneakers, made some coffee and oatmeal, and headed out the door. I called the guy on the drive and was told that like 12 things need to be done today, zero of which I was aware. I asked when this information was sent out and he let me know that a couple other people had been asking the same thing. Since I was getting emails and responding to things, both sides assumed I was getting ALL the emails. Apparently there were some I wasn't getting, hence the seemingly unnecessary "shouting" in red letters at the deadlines that were TODAY, IMMEDIATELY, NOW, AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. I still think it's a ridiculous way to communicate with people though. Ugh. I pulled into a parking spot at school, hung up my phone, and realized that I hadn't eaten a single bite of breakfast. I can't not have breakfast, I get starving and my blood sugar drops (not anything critical, PC med staff, I just get super hungry and cranky and a headache occasionally.) Anyway, I scarfed down the oatmeal, grabbed my coffee and headed in.

I spent the day marveling at a kid with ASD who has his voice communication thing on his iPad (a kindergartener), and another one who has it on his iPod Touch. I was blown away by this use of technology, and a little curious about what the future might hold for it. The kid with the iPad had it tucked into the front of a two inch, three ring binder with a clear plastic cover. A binder with an iPad cover. Craziness.

Lastly, my medical packet hasn't gotten to PC yet. I know because I have been checking the USPS tracking thing. It was supposed to get there by noon on the 20th, according to my receipt, but the website says noon on the 21st. Sounds like someone dropped the ball.


Jessica said...

OMG! I cannot believe you subbed in Karen's class today! That is so awesome! I love her and her aides! I did my full time ESE internship in there and it was amazing :-) Most of the kids that were there when I was have moved on to different classes/places by now.....but I did go visit Karen's class like two weeks ago, so I know exactly what kids are there and which ones you are talking about now! lol so weird....such a small world! Well, I had no idea that you lived in Gainesville! Was Amy P. your recruiter? I will have to let you know the next time I am coming up and we should get together!

Jessica said...

I'm wondering if we possibly know each other? Were you in the College of Ed. at UF? What years? I was there for my Bachelors & Masters....2004-2009.

elizabeth said...

I subbed for Maria, but Katie was there and she was awesome :)

Amy wasn't my recruiter - I applied while living in South Carolina and didn't even realize there was a recruiter at UF until I was already working with a lady in Atlanta. I drove up there for my interview, which was out of the way but a good trip, and I'm glad I did it on my own (I figured if I'm willing to move across the world by myself I can go to ATL, right? :)

I was in the COE from Fall of 07-December 08. I did my undergrad in CLAS from 01-05. We probably at least have friends in common :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, Amy actually wasn't my recruiter either...I applied while living down here in Tampa, so I interviewed with the recruiter at USF. But, since then I have talked and met with Amy at UF and she is awesome! You should talk/meet with her if you get a chance! She is really involved in the whole process and loves to stay in touch with any/all UF Peace Corps people :-)

Yeah, I am sure we probably know people/professors in common from COE. Such a small world!