Monday, October 11, 2010

Hamstrings are gonna huuuuurt tomorrow

So many invitations being sent this week (seven just in the blogs I read)! I'm a little jealous, not gonna lie :) If you have gotten the toolkit update that says your invite is in the mail, I'm so happy for you! (I've commented on a couple blogs about it already, but again, YAY!) My goal for the week is to get my medical kit mailed back to PC, though it completely depends on getting my last two labs back. Since I had them done on Friday and today is Columbus Day, I doubt any sort of headway has been made.

Also, I just paid $50 to reactivate my gym membership. Effffffff. I froze it whilst in South Carolina for the summer, and was apparently charged $8 a month to do so (which I wasn't told). I get the policy no problem, but in August my card expired, so when they tried to charge it, it declined. I was lazy when I got back and didn't go in September either, so that month was declined too. Except when they tried to charge September, they went back and tried to charge August again, too. Three declined charges = $30 in declination fees. I hate that place. I'm determined to get the most out of it before I leave though. I won't go into detail about the status of my thighs, but this will be a much needed endeavor.

Lastly, I would like to share this 2005 NYT article on Girl Crushes. I find it hilarious that this is a real thing that was covered by the NYT because my friend and I joke about this ALL THE TIME. I currently have two active girl crushes, one on Cuddy from House and one on a real person who I will not name because I don't want it to get awkward. Basically I just want to be these women, or be their best friends, or be just like them when I "grow up". Cuddy is gorgeous and she gets to sleep with House. The other woman is just plain awesome.


Christina said...

These invitations make me sooo jealous too. For MARCH! And I'm still waiting for a January invite :(

Jen Romba said...
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