Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So I mentioned in an edit that I'd called my doctor to double check on my labs, that they were in, waiting to be signed, that I was hoping my pap would come in sometime soon, yada yada yada. Well, I was subbing today and checked my phone at lunch time only to find a voicemail from my doctor's office. The message said to call them as soon as I could. This freaked me out a little seeing as how I'd already talked to them about my blood test results and they hadn't said anything about them being bad, and the only thing they hadn't gotten in was my pap. I was NOT about to be deferred for an abnormal one of those, no way no how. When I call back she lets me know that nothing is bad per se, just that they hadn't gotten enough cervical cells to actually complete the test. She apologized, saying they've had it happen before, but not in several years, that he's usually very thorough and gets a good sized sample, and that she felt really bad since she knows I'm waiting for the results to send to PC (at least she remembered, right?). Eff. Of course they can't get me in before Friday to redo the test, but the nurse promised it would be a ten minute appointment. I scheduled it for 8:30 am, but I also let her know that my insurance has since run out and I am worried about the cost of redoing it all. She assured me that I wouldn't be charged for the office visit, but that she wasn't sure about the lab part. Of all the times I've ever had this procedure done, the one time I'm waiting for the results... I really just have to laugh at this.

On another fun note, look what I just got: "This e-mail is a gentle reminder sent to you by the Peace Corps Office of Medical Services. As of October 5th, our office has not received your medical information," along with a handful of reminders of forms available online, required immunizations, and the fact that only 15% of applicants do it right the first time. Dammit, I will be in that 15%.


Christina said...

I was in that 15%! It took a LOT of effort pestering all the medical offices I used. Pretty much have to look over their shoulders, but it's got to be done that way. Good luck and hope you won't be charged for the second lab!

Kimberley Rose said...

That sucks about the pap! Hopefully it really will be a quick appointment. I got the same e-mail today too! I just sent my kit today and am really hoping to be in the 15%