Thursday, October 7, 2010

upper body strength? HA!

I took a dance class with two of my friends tonight, it was taught by another one of my friends, and required some pretty funky footwear. I'll let you guess what kind of dance class it was :) Super fun though, I'm going to be sore tomorrow. For some reason when I got home I had an inkling to put earrings in my second holes again. It's been years since I've worn more than one pair at a time, and the second hole in my right ear had mostly closed. I figured the most logical course of action would be to re pierce it, so I iced up my ear lobe, cleaned a needle with some tequila, and poked it right through. Voila! I now have a little pair of diamond studs in my second hole. Think nothing of the fact that my earlobes are now hot and throbbing, and that one of them smells like Cinqo de Mayo.

Here are the fun dancing shoes. The class may or may not involve a pole. I can't really say.

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