Wednesday, October 6, 2010

tea, please

I'm self diagnosing myself with a sinus infection and post nasal drip, and trying to wrap my mind around how much it's going to suck if (when) one of these shows up when (if) I'm far far away from hot showers and microwaves and a comfy sofa to crash on all day long. The congestion and sore throat are unreal. I wonder if I could swing some sympathy antibiotics at the gyno this week while I'm there for my "oops sorry" pap smear...


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm Heidi, fellow PC applicant and avid PC Journals reader.

I have a lot of trouble with post nasal drip and my former volunteer supervisor who is also a nurse told me to flush out my sinuses with saline spray.

Tip your head back along with the bottle (but not so far it'll go down your throat) and squirt a bunch of water in one nostril. Then tilt your head to the side of the nostril you just squirted water in, feel it go into that ear canal, than tilt head to other side so it goes in other ear canal and finally forward, so water comes out other nostril. Repeat with other nostril.

Seldom does as much water as I put in come out (over share?), but it helps alot. Something I'd like to master before I leave is how to use a netti pot, but that's a whole other ball game.

Best of luck to you and I hope you feel better!

elizabeth said...

Thanks :) I was actually going to get a netti pot later to try it out, but what you're describing pretty much sounds like a homemade one!