Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun and exciting things! (via email)

Sorry, that was a lie. I'm sitting at the lab (again) about to pee in my pants. I'm here because when I went to get my second pap test in as many weeks they told me my urinalysis had come back with a trace amount of occult blood. This doesn't mean I'm satanic or in a cult by the way, it means "hidden blood". I know because I googled it as soon as I got home. Whew. I was just a couple days out from my period so that's most likely the source. I'll have to pay for this myself since I'm sans insurance but I figured the OMS would make me get it redone anyway, so there you go.

Fun fact: when I got to the doctors office this morning, the parking lot smelled like rotten eggs and natural gas. Gross. When I got inside all the nurses were freaking out because the office also smelled like natural gas, they were on alert to be evacuated if it turned out to be something serious. All I could think was "if they can't do this freaking test over again because of a gas leak, someone is going to get a piece of my mind." Thankfully nothing happened and I got everything done and taken care of. My doctor said what probably happened was that someone at the lab spilled my sample and was like "Oh oops, um, not enough cells to test! Sorry..." Other than the UA and the pap, all my lab results are normal, and more importantly accounted for!

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Kimberley Rose said...

I had the occult blood thing, too. Since the number only said "1" on the lab result, I sent it in anyway since I had a few other slight abnormalities. I figured I have to go back for one, I may as well wait to see if I need to go back for more than one... Here's to hoping your doctor gets enough cells this time!

elizabeth said...

My number said "2+", but honestly I have no idea how much that really is.. 2 ppm? 2 teaspoons? 2mL? 2 red cells? I guess that's why they pay them the big bucks..