Saturday, October 23, 2010

No football today? I'm lost.

A small flare up of RAS has started creeping up my back, but I'm trying not to scratch it, because that will just make things worse. At what point should I call to innocently "check" on my medical packet? I've read so many entries about people's OMS person leaving PC and not forwarding any kind of info. I'm still absolutely on track to make my nominated timeline, I just want to keep it that way. In a moment of complete weakness last night I went through several others' timelines and noted when PC received their medical packets, and when they were cleared... I have everything ranging from 3 days (I know, right?) to 4 months.

To distract myself, here are the things I hope to accomplish today:
  • Dye hair (I dye it black, it's fading to brown again)
  • Laundry
  • Finish cleaning my car, which I started last weekend. I still need to do the windows, interior, and wheels.
  • Go to the gym (I skipped yesterday)
  • Paint my toenails
  • Bank Too late :-/
  • Email tutoring company to give my schedule that I set up with parents last week
  • Health food store to pick up Diva Cup and fish oil for my dog (she's having skin issues)
  • Find some cute/cheap pearl earrings (obv imitation, I lost one last year and miss them)
  • Abreva? I have a zit/cold sore on my lip and it's freaking killing me
  • Toilet paper. Self explanatory.
I have wasted so much time watching old monster movies and trying to figure out what order this list needs to be done in.


Pearl earrings at JC Penny's for $5.99! Hells yes. Bought the hair dye, haven't done it yet. Um Diva Cup what??? I'm glad I bought it prior to leaving. Dog LOVES the fish oil on her food. It's stinky, go figure. Got some natural health food store cold sore drops, taste like crap. That is all.


The Strix said...

Oh, girl! The diva cup is weird, but I can't believe I want so long without one now! I think I'm going to devote a post to the subject, eventually ^_^

elizabeth said...

Hahaha, I completely agree. I used Instead for almost 10 years, so the concept wasn't a huge leap, but it's still a little different. I am stoked that I never have to buy anything again :) I feel like I want to buy one for all my friends and make them try it

Cory said...

RAS has been creeping in and out for me too! I think I might innocently contact my med person next week, in hopes that this will kill my curiosity and RAS.