Wish List

As my time here flies by, I am realizing how much I am outgrowing all my "comfort" items.  When I first got here I couldn't receive enough packages of American food, I couldn't buy enough jars of Nutella, and I couldn't stand to wait the month for something to arrive that I desperately wish I'd brought over here.  I am much more settled in now and the only "comfort" things I absolutely have to have are my stuffed elephant (and I even left her behind during my holiday travels!) and some form of Harry Potter.  This all being said, it still completely makes my day to check with the post office and see that Box 81 has something for me in it.  I love and miss you all and am so so happy that for the most part we've kept in really great touch (considering I live in a little village in Africa, my hopes were not high).  Just so you know, every piece of mail I receive (letter, card, envelope, box front, etc) gets plastered on my wall; I look at them every single day and remember how blessed I am to have such a wonderful circle of friends and family :D Now, onto the goodies...

*LETTERS* - if nothing else, please write to me! I miss you!
Magazines - The Economist, Time, Newsweek, anything to keep me updated
CDs of new music I'm missing out on 
Clif/Luna bars
Used books that you liked and want to pass on - we're big on passing around books
Mac & Cheese!
Just-add-water anything
Packed chicken, tuna, or salmon
Craisins/dried cherries/dried fruit
Taco Bell sauce packets
Green Tabasco Sauce
Oatmealllll (no joke)
Emergen-C packets
Yummy tea 

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