Friday, September 17, 2010


I should not be allowed to think about PC while I have my period. All I've managed to accomplish over the last two days is reading and bookmarking twenty-one other PC blogs, and scaring myself into thinking I'm going to make it through medical just fine and then still get rejected when the PO looks over everything and just cracks up laughing at me. I'm pretty sure it's hormones that have me all agitated, but I found a blog where a woman was asked to rewrite one of her essays (twice. ouch.) and then wasn't invited after all. This was after she was put on medical hold for like eight months. I would shrivel up and die. Maybe not really, but I would be so disappointed. I panicked when I read her entry about rewriting the essays, because she included the prompt given to her initially and it did NOT match the ones I wrote about. I went back and reread my essays and calmed down a little bit because they fit what I was asked, and were pretty well written. Maybe we're all given different essays? I wish I knew someone else applying and going through all this because I'm so sick of bugging my NPC (non-peace corps, new acronym) friends with all my musings and worries. (For example, no one I know has even heard of a Diva Cup, let alone considered getting one.)

My dental packet hasn't arrived in DC yet, I know because I've been psychotically stalking the USPS tracking site (cough...)

There are no pictures because, like I said, all I did was read PC crap and panic.


Kimberley Rose said...

I get a bit crazy during mine too, and I totally know what you mean about NPC people. I refrain from talking about it anywhere but my blog for the most part (where people who get it can read it). My friends tell me they are jealous and will miss me, but not to go and that is about the extent of it. My PC panic comes from worrying about not getting medical clearance, so I am freaking out about the most important medical visit yet happening on Wednesday. Keep positive! We will both be out of the country this time next year!

Claire Bear said...

Hi, I found your blog through the Peace Corps Journals website. I've just sent in my application a couple of weeks ago. When I saw this post, I laughed out loud. I figure I'm the only one reading 8 million different PC blogs! Nice to know I'm not the only crazy/obsessed one out there. :)