Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I can see the end

I volunteered this morning again, I had an impossible time getting out of bed though. So sleepy. After volunteering I went back to my doctor's office and asked the receptionist to have the missing information filled in, which she did within about five minutes. After that it was on to the other women's center to get verification that I've had the three Gardasil vaccinations. I'm glad I checked it all over before leaving because there was a page missing that I had to ask for again. She gave me records from my past visits as well, and it was a little shocking to see some of that info (as in, I've gained weight since a few years ago, crap.)

I sorted through it all and made sure everything was there, checking off those blue and white boxes. I went through and put my name and SSN on every page. Then I copied everything, clipped all the pages together and sticky noted what each thing was ("Sections 2 & 3: allergies, counseling statements, dental braces, podiatrist," "Immunizations," "Lab Results," etc). So far it's like 27 pages and will be at least 10 more by the time it's over with. I'm pretty stoked that everything is ready for the last lab results to come in and then can be shipped off!

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