Sunday, September 19, 2010


I know there has been a serious lack of any PC updates, but I'll be desperately checking the USPS website tomorrow to see if my dental packet has arrived in DC, and I'm also going to call the gyno to see if they'll bump my appt up if there are any cancellations. Last but not least: Scarlet is a terrier through and through. She found a mole hole and spent about a half hour going to town. Love her.

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TX_ASK said...

Washers is an awesome game that is played in the country in Texas; generally played while consuming lots of cold beer. It is related to horseshoes but have recently been told that bean bags also is played in a similar matter. It is played with some oversized washers being thrown into a 'cup' (usually PVC pipe in the ground). There is a little something on wikipedia about it here: . Good luck with the rest of the PC process, I hope it works out for you. The wait is brutal, but it will come eventually. We have learned so much already just by applying to the PC. You can email me anytime if you have any questions about anything that maybe I can answer having been through the same thing. Good luck