Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ball still rolling

I picked up my occlusal guard and got my x-rays reprinted on photo paper. I'm hoping the guard isn't going to delay my dental clearance at all, I read here that "applicants with bruxism and a recommendation from their dentist for an occlusal guard must have the device fabricated prior to service." That seems pretty straight forward, I'm hoping my "I have a history of bruxism and had a guard fitted ten years ago and one again recently" is straight forward enough for them. My x-rays look fabulous on the photo paper, I'm pretty excited about them. I have to go tomorrow to get my TB injection checked and that's all the medical stuff for this week. Monday I have an appointment at a new gyno that I'm nervous about just because I haven't been there before and it's a guy (I've only ever been seen by a woman). Hopefully he'll cooperate with me when I am looking over his shoulder and order all the right tests so I can get this thing finished!

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