Saturday, September 4, 2010

Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da!!!

So I've been awful about keeping the 365 Project up, I hope it's not indicative of how the entire year is going to go! Day Two can be my cat since I don't want her to feel left out :) Nadia has a fun history. My best friend and I adopted her and her sister-cat when we were sophomores in college. We had grown up across the street from one another and then gotten an adorable little 50's era apartment after living in the dorms. We originally wanted sister-kittens but decided to adopt full grown cats instead since they would have less of a chance of being adopted. When we finally graduated and moved out separately (she to grad school, me to another house in town) we split the kitties up. This one got to come with me.

Day three is a delicious glass of ice water with limes. This is at 101 Pants where we watched our team kick around another team (albeit lightly). We just came from donating blood, it was hot, and I was dizzy. This water kept me from fainting, but only after I took a picture of it. Limes are so pretty.

Day four is me playing around with depth of field because I think it's kind of cool. That is all. Technically days three and four were taken on the same day, but it's my project and I can do that.

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