Thursday, September 2, 2010

Medical Review

My medical packet just arrived - holy crap. I guess at some point I indicated that I wear braces, which is untrue. I'm wondering if I made a mistake or if it was an error caused by the online application. Either way I'm going to have to tell them my teeth are perfectly straight naturally, albeit gapped. There are a few other things I reported having, including fascitis (heel pain), counseling, allergies to things like pollen and a certain antibiotic, and tobacco use. I'm kind of regretting putting all that down because they're really not huge issues. Pollen allergies? My eyes get itchy and I sneeze. I take benedryll and I'm better. When I was 7 I broke out in hives from an antibiotic and now I don't take it anymore. My heel hurts after I play soccer and run around a lot, I ice it, take advil or something, and stretch it out in the mornings. I've smoked maybe a pack of cigarettes in my life. I was just tying to be honest but all this is making the process seem so daunting.

Update: I now have a dentist appointment, one with a podiatrist, and am waiting to hear back from the county health department an appointment with a brand new lady doctor. I called a random women's health center and spoke with an incredibly nice lady who was sympathetic to my insurance running out and trying to get me in. Their first available appointment was for the same morning as my podiatrist, and it would be cutting it close, but I took it anyway. (I ended up calling the podiatrist's office back and moving my appointment back one day.) She said that since I hadn't been there before the doctor wouldn't pre-order any of the eight tests. Grr. I would have loved to get started on all that, since I know it's going to take a while to get the results back. I also spoke with the health department finally and they said I can walk in on Tuesday to get the TB test, polio, tetanus, and varicella titers done, and that they could put me in touch with somewhere to get the HIV test.

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Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me! I don't smoke at all and I remember putting no for pretty much all of the questions for the HSR, but somehow the Peace Corps feels the need to send me a letter about smoking being bad for me and it's recommended that I quit. I sent OMS an email about it and they never replied back.