Sunday, September 26, 2010

getting older

You know how I know I'm getting old? My knees don't let me get low low low anymore. My body takes all day to recover from four drinks. I am you-tubing videos to see how the kids get those cool bangs they've got going on nowadays. That's how I know I'm old. Went out last night and watched some SEC football, danced a little (ok a lot) and took 175 pictures. I didn't realize how much commotion it would cause to bring my big, fun, awesome camera versus my little, pink, girly point and shoot, but everyone was concerned about who I was and why I was documenting the evening so meticulously. At least 5 people stopped to ask why my camera was so big, and I just shouted "because it's awesome!" That seemed to be a reasonable answer and then we all went back to dancing.

I got up this afternoon (yes, afternoon) and found that the remote I ordered for my camera had come in the mail yesterday. It took me a few minutes to remember what it was, I'm going to blame the tequila for that fact. The remote reminded me that my lenses hadn't come yet, so I checked the front porch. Maybe I have ESP or something because there was a box sitting there with my name on it. I love that they were sitting there all day yesterday, overnight, and most of the morning. Oops. I had to get some coffee before even thinking about opening everything and testing it all out. After being properly caffeinated I was able to pull apart the layers of bubble wrap and try the "new" lenses. It's amazing that they are 40 years old and work almost seamlessly with my brand new camera. I wish I felt more like going out today to play around with them, but it is honest to God taking me all day to recover from last night. Maybe tomorrow. (After my doctors appointments!)

Fiiinally. I'm thinking the gyno probably won't be able to test my vision (and it might actually be weird if they were able to...) so I will most likely be making a trip to the walk in to get that portion of my form filled out. I've gotten sports physicals there before, so I know they can do some of what's required for PC, but my insurance treats it as a specialist so the visit is only 20% covered, and I knew they couldn't do the lady parts stuff. I'm also planning on getting the orders for the blood tests and making a trip over to Quest to get those rolling. I'm fully intending to pre-apologize upon walking in for being overbearing about the way the forms are filled out. After tomorrow all I want to do is wait for the lab results to come in. I don't want to have to go back and get anything retested or resigned. My original goal was to get the entire medical packet sent back in a month, by October 2nd. That date is almost definitely out the window now, but I want to get as close as I can.

I apologize for how disjointed and awkward the writing is in today's entry... my brain isn't fully functioning and it has a whole lot going on inside, which is never a good combination. Lastly, the picture. It's from last night, I left the shutter open for a few seconds and just swirled it around. I like it.

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