Saturday, December 4, 2010

i cut some awesome new bangs tonight

Medical clearance was not mine to be had this week. I swear every other blog I read, someone was getting clearance or an invitation, so I must be due for it soon. I attended the GlobeTalk at UF this week with Kortni & Kim, and we chatted about everything we could think of with the recruiter there (who is a godsend I might add. I'm so happy I've met her.) I think I've decided on a duffle bag to get, the LLBean rolling duffle, in guide gold. Aka, the most obnoxious color that will never get misplaced. Holla.

The weather finally changed cold on the first of the month, which I found remarkable since it was in the 80s the day before! I love wearing sweaters and scarves and having my hair stay straight and shiny :D I'm a dork. (I've also used the term "lol" more in the last two weeks than in the entire rest of my life, yeesh.)

Lastly, three things that, at the same time, equally, embarrass me and make me smile. The first is that I added "US Peace Corps" to the sharpie inscription on the bottom of my computer (in addition to my name, email, and phone number that have been there since I got it) I guess what makes it embarrassing is that I wrote that on there back in, oh, September? Yes.

Number two would be that I had a more-direct-than-I've-ever-been-in-my-life texting conversation with a long ago crush, who I told, in not so lady-like terms, that I'm moving to Africa and want to see him again before I leave. It's amazing what the line "I'm moving to Africa" will do for one's sense of, um, shamelessness. I think we may have made a date for new years, but I'm not sure. It was marvelous.

The last is that I've adopted a new favorite mantra or whatever, but also that it comes from a Dos Equis commercial. The Most Interesting Man in the World is possibly my favorite series of commercials (how sad is is that I have fallen for that schtick?) and I love the line, "He lives vicariously - through himself." As dumb as it is that that line stems from some ad agency, I really like the idea of not having to live vicariously through anyone because I'm doing amazing things on my own. Life is too short.

I leave you with this, the best packing list on the face of the planet. I'm going to try my best to keep it in mind and recreate it to the best of my ability :D

"Crappy shoes…will get crappier.
Two nice shirts…preferably reversible so that I can get 4 days out of them during training.
One pair of dress pants…does anyone ever really notice your pants?
Four old T-shirts, a pair of shorts, and a pair of Dickies for “real life.”
Four bags of pretzels…time locked to stay fresh and open at 6 month intervals.
A pair of pliers…don’t ask.

Yep, that pretty much covers it. I guess I’d have to check the bag though…can’t carry on the pliers..."


Cory said...

Oye, I also get the feeling sometime that everyone else is getting medically cleared or invited and I am the only applicant not to. (Though thank God, they have at least acknowledged my health packet). It'll come.

I like the pliers and pretzel ideas best

Matt said...

Great packing list. We're on the same wave length. I'm curious though what's up with the pliers?

elizabeth said...

I have no clue, it's not my list :) I came across the most ridiculous over the top packing list in my blog perusing (it included a PRINTER...) and had to share with the recruiter I've been working with. She cracked up laughing and then shared that with me.

elizabeth said...

(ps i think it came from a RPCV who served in Mexico)

Tija Leigh said...

That is my favorite packing list ever! I'm going to need to keep that in mind when it's my turn to pack... Also, your blog cracks me up! I always look forward to your posts - Love it! :)