Monday, November 29, 2010

A very good week

Sometimes I can be a real Pollyanna about things. For those of you who aren't familiar with my 1960's Haley Mills reference, Pollyanna is a girl who stubbornly refuses to let things get her down (that is until she falls out of a two story-ish window and breaks her back and is paralyzed - geez oh man.) Anyway. It's Monday and I'm determined that this will be a good week. Today wasn't awful, but I'm pretty much calling that it's going to be better from here on out. I have eleven reasons for this:

One: Joey said so. That's good enough, right?

Two: I re-emailed the preservice desk and asked about my medical file as well as where to fax over the letter from my doctor saying I started on the pill again. A woman emailed me back and told me that she'd check with my nurse, that I still had plenty of time, and to fax the letter on over. I faxed it, emailed back to please let me know it got there and was put into my file, and yet another email came shooting back through the interwebs telling me that they'd received the fax. Bam. All I'm saying is at least they know I'm alive.

Three: I saw Harry Potter Seven-Point-One last night. Legit cried for three whole minutes, tears down my face, in the opening chase scene when you know whooooo dies. (not Voldemort, sorry.. think animal noises. Either way the book is on my bed begging to be picked back up and reread for the gazillionth time.)

Four: Finally quit being the ball in a week long game of pingpong between my doctor and the pharmacy.

Five: PC talk this week at mon ├ęcole.

Six: I got these shoes: Yes, I'm aware of how disgustingly impractical they are considering I'm planning on moving to Africa in two months... but I will wear the snot out of them until I go. Don't judge me. (Also, I'm in love with my 50mm lens's DoF in this picture and the bokeh on the back shoe. Sorry to be a nerd about that.)

Seven: So so close to this: We puffy-painted shirts. No YES noooo.

Eight: Um. I had a stye on my eyelid and it's going away! That's got to count for something.

Nine: Pandora & WB2K10 Playlists. That is all.

Ten: The Gators can't lose any more regular season football games this year :D

Eleven: There is a FLIP video camera in the mail, addressed to yours truly which I will use to make amazingly awesome videos that will win me lots of awards. Or just be fun. (Whichever comes first I guess.)


Anonymous said...

1. I saw that movie a while back. I liked it a lot. Makes me wish I had more time for TCM channel.

2. I hope your week does in fact go very well.

3. I'm numbering mine because you numbered yours.

4. I was amazed by your lens as well. In fact, I looked at the pictures first before reading the entry, and I was wondering if you photoshopped that WB2K10 shirt picture, but no, it's just your amazing lens.

5. See you Wednesday?

Jen Romba said...

Gimme some of that optimism! I start out the week this way (starting meaning Sunday night I chant to myself in an almost tribal-like manner that THIS week will be the week where things get sorted well!) and by say...Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy I feel a bit like Meredith Grey (that is to say, dark and twisty).

Reread Book 7! I saw it on Friday as well and it took a lot to not cry at the end - though crying seems to becoming easier to do lately lol. I've reread almost all of them in the last few weeks for something to keep me sane. Its totally worth it. :)

Good luck with your week! PS - the shoes are too cute, wear them whenever possible.

Kimberley Rose said...

Haha, I laughed at your number one. Also, yay PC event! I was going to reread Book 7 as well, but then I realized that means I have to dig it out and unnpack the rest of my books. Let's face it, unpacking is about as fun packing... See you tomorrow!

RENEE! said...

THOSE SHOES ARE AWESOME! and YHELL YEAH to your reference to Pollyanna. Classic!