Thursday, December 23, 2010

knockoff burberry

PCJ said I have 5 comments on the last post, my blog is telling me I only have 3. Blogspot is broken, how sad :( In some fun, unrelated news, I just got home from a night out where I literally chased a thief all over UF campus after he stole my friend's phone. I was actually the backup chaser because I had to stop and take my heels off and had a heavy purse, while the primary chaser was purse-less and wearing flats. The guy ended up trying to ditch the phone in a dumpster, eating it on the pavement, having a police report written up about him, and now has a warrant out for his arrest. Bam.


Jessica said...

That happened to me a while ago, on PCJ, I could read 5 comments but could only see 4 on my actual blog. Weird.

Tango said...

couldnt have told that story better myself.