Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I hope this list keeps growing

I've been thinking about this post for some time now, but I felt like it was some kind of culmination type post that I should write at some super meaningful point in my life when I've had time to flesh it all out and make sure it's done correctly. However, like life, the idea behind this post is one that is ongoing and living. I will hopefully add to it at various points, because I don't want to leave anything out. This is a list of lessons I've gleaned from all the women in my life, I try to remember them every day and be a person who they would all be proud to know.
-A sense of humor and grace will get you through literally anything. KSD
-Love your alma mater, shamelessly. AAF
-Question everything. MKS
-Don't not do something because you have a pet. JKS
-Walk like it's for sale the rent is due tonight. NCSCK
-Boil the gibblets in chicken stock & white wine, then chop up the liver for some i-take-crap-from-no-one gravy. CJS
-Don't get caught up in the fray, be a true person. AAF
-You don't really need a man around the house, except to lift things occasionally, and if you don't want to fix a toilet. CJS
-Take care of your hair, because it's what you look like. JMEF
-Speak another language. KJMM & PL
-Be unwaveringly loyal. AAF
-Always wear heels, they give you good posture. KSD
-Have a line that you're not willing to budge on, and then don't. SCZ
-Look people in the eye when you're talking to them, it makes you intimidating. KDH
-Be a good daughter. NCSCK
-Be passionate. AAF
-Believe. JKS
-Sometimes it's ok to eff the afternoon away. ACC
-The best artichoke dip is a can of artichoke hearts, a cup of mayo, and a cup of the good parmesan. Bake till it's brown and bubbly. JKS
-Always send a card. GSK
I think what sets these women apart from others that I know is that they are all truly kind.

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