Saturday, December 11, 2010

So I'm moving to Boston when I get back

Quick update while I wait for the shower to be unoccupied, so I can jump in and then go out in Boston for the third night in a row. My medical is still on hold, but I don't even care. This vacation is way too amazing for me to give a second thought about my medical status. Even if I'd figured something out, I can't very well be running around ruining four other girls' weekends while I get blood tests or pee in cups. Again. I'm perfectly content waiting until I get back, just enjoying my time in the best city ever, and drinking my butterbeer. Yes, we made butterbeer.


Anonymous said...

I like when people like Boston as much as I do. It's my home :) Good luck with medical and placement!

elizabeth said...

I love it with all my heart! I have actually never been here before but it's been on my short list of cities I want to live in, this trip has just confirmed it :) I have friends here my age who are single and like to go out and be fun, so I think it would be a good place to move to versus a place where I know no one or somewhere I have older family who wouldn't necessarily go out with me or help me meet people my age. The fact that I'm a huge red sox fan doesn't hurt either!