Sunday, December 19, 2010

I swear I'm so so close

I have a dilemma, not a huge one, but an annoying one. The dilemma is that I'm not rich. I want to go ❄❅skiing❆❄ with my family after Christmas, but the plane ticket, possible rental car, lift tickets, ski rentals, and additional clothing that I do not currently own are going to add up, fast. It will almost certainly be the last time I see these people before leaving, so I really want to go, but it's also très last minute and très cher. "These people" would be my aunt and uncle who I'm closest to, their 4 kids (my cousins), kids-in-law, and grandkids... totaling 18 people.

In related I'm-leaving-soonish news, I still have not gotten a request for any info from placement, but my letter from medical came, letting me know that I'm cleared and that my file is being sent on. I had lunch with some PC friends yesterday (and by lunch I mean a 5 hour chit chat about anything and everything), one of whom told me that she never received any sort of follow-up interview or request for another resume before she was invited. Now, she and I have almost the same credentials - both have Masters of Education, both are certified teachers, and both have teaching experience in our own classrooms, and we were both nominated for the same program (we even have the same alma mater, mutual friends, and she did her internship in the classroom next to mine my first year teaching - spooky!). Apparently my degree and experience make me desirable in PC's eyes since not many elementary teachers apply. This makes me hopeful that I might not have to play phone tag with a PO, a PO's assistant, or whoever else might want to ask me questions, and that I might, just miiiight, wake up one morning with a notice that I've been invited. Oh, if ever I had a Christmas wish!

I went through the wiki (I know, I know) and calculated COI dates for the programs going in February. Does anyone know what program is being sent to Namibia? I think it's health but I know they have the PTT program in that country (or, at least the wiki says they do) I also found the Uganda facebook group page and it made me really want to go there. December 29th is the COI for that country, 10 days. I think I'll call placement tomorrow and just, um, check.

I need to get out of the house, this will drive a girl nuts!

edit: just to dispel any concerns about reaching out to placement not getting me anywhere, don't-get-your-hopes-up-missy, why can't you just wait and be disappointed like the rest of us? or HA, good luck comments... I'm fully aware that citing PC wiki as a reference is a bad idea, and that pointing to other applicants getting their invitations to "but that's MY region" is equally stupid. I'm also fully aware (and at ease with the fact) that my date, region, and program can change- I honestly do not care where I go. I'm just enjoying the process at this point and excited beyond measure about actually getting to be a part of PC... asking questions helps me get through it all.


RENEE! said...

Can't wait til you finally hear! :-)

Sherlie said...

I hope your Christmas wish comes because I am hoping and praying for a Christmas miracle of my own.

Lew said...

Well, last week I was feeling somewhat similarly, - - -
So I did - - -
They retorted - - -
I'm now back in my rightful place

Good luck