Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15% baby!

I'm sitting in the Charlotte airport, happy as a clam. I just spoke with my nurse who said she could go ahead and clear me today! It really was a case of simply overlooking the page with the right lab results on it, which I find interesting considering how thorough we're expected to be. Either way I'm happy and hoping to hear from placement soon so I can get this show on the road. Honestly it just hit me how fast this is all going to go now, I'd been in la la land the past week having too much fun with my friends in Boston...

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/edit 12-15-10/ And, bam. Come on placement!


Tim Curtin said...

Congratulations :) !!!!

Strangely, we got our updates on the same day! I got the same notification yesterday!

Here's to the 15% club!

Jen Romba said...
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