Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who are you here for?

I hate hospitals. I really do. I feel badly about this fact since they do so much good for people and babies are generally born in them. The smell of them brings me back to when I was twelve and losing my dad. I hated visiting him because doing so just meant seeing him get thinner and thinner, paler and paler, and sicker and sicker. I also feel badly about this, because ultimately I stayed away more than I came. I'm typing this in a hospital. My mom is in surgery right now getting a knee replacement, and while I have no big or serious concerns about the goings-on inside the OR, there is always the thing in the back of my mind that reminds me she is mortal and I'm already one parent down. I can't really talk about my mom because everything inside of me will come out my eyes, and I'm not ready for her to see all that in the room later on. Let it just be said that I love her. (The nurse just came out to tell me she was almost done..)

So now I should talk about Peace Corps. Or at least some of the crap that is loosely related to it. I paid a bill online earlier, one that came from the lab in the amount of $90.00 to cover my second pap test that took place since someone, somewhere, screwed something up. It's not fair, it really isn't, but I doubt that QuestDiagnostics gives a crap. I also got a $55.15 bill from my doctor for the visit, but I called and asked them to take care of that, since I was told I wouldn't have to pay it. Funny story: I called last Wednesday to ask about starting bcp again, and there wasn't an answer, not even a voicemail. Same thing this morning, so I checked the website and realized that I'd been calling the wrong number, 0930 instead of 0390. Oops. The girl who answered took my information, because of course my doctor is out of town this week, and said that I could get a prescription next week when he gets back. I need to call back and ask that he also write a statement about it all for the nice PC medical staff. Jeez Louise.

Last, I'm 3 seasons deep into The Dick van Dyke Show, and will truly be sad when it's over. I have a slight (read:major) crush on Rob & Laura Petrie, and am a bit ashamed to say I wouldn't really mind being a 60's housewife if I could be like her. Except the whole twin beds thing, that's just silly.


Christina said...

Ugh...hospitals. It's a horrible thing what you had to go through, but here's hoping everything goes fine for your mom! My grandmother who was in the hospital for breaking her hip also had knee replacement surgery. Both times got me really thinking about mortality, and although no one came out and said it, we were concerned she wouldn't make it through surgery. And I was thinking about the same thing with my parents - I never want to see them in these situations, I don't think I could be strong enough.

Lame about those medical bills. Sure seems like all those pros are just out to get money, no matter what the (non-monetary) cost is. I wrapped up my bill at the ophthalmologist for PC and three months later, they sent me a bill for $355, total surprise. I called and asked but they put me on hold and dropped the call, never called me back. Basically said then, screw you, I'm not paying that. Two months later, I got the statement again and it was reduced to $199. Crooks.

The Strix said...

I also loathe hospitals. The smell of them literally sends my lizard brain into a panic every time. I've had a lot of reconstructive surgery after multiple accidents, and I never, never want to go back again if I don't have to, so I understand how you feel.

Just going in to a clinic and getting shots was like walking through fire for me.

Tija Leigh said...

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you are "one parent down". I also lost my dad a few years ago. It's a sad and weird thing to lose a parent - and to become even more protective over the other. I understand. Sometimes I think it helps to know there are other people that get it. How is your mom recovering from her knee surgery? I hope well!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Tija :) I'm sorry about your dad, too. It is a weird feeling, you're right. My mom is doing well, she'll probably be home tomorrow given that she feels better and can move around better.

Kati said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom, that's really rough. But hopefully she recovers from the surgery quickly. Don't be scared when you're taking care of her afterwards, though. It'll be rough but remember that she went through a rough surgery for any body. I was 22 when I had ACL surgery and it was 6 months before I felt like I could walk like a normal person, and a year before I didn't notice my knee with every step. It's tough on the healthiest body, so it's not a sign of her mortality. She'll be OK.