Tuesday, January 11, 2011

time just sped up

I am a big baby. You know why? Because I cried during the fireworks at Disney on Sunday night. Yep, it started at that part when the kid recites the "star light, star bright.." poem. My mom gave me a birthday card that said something to the effect of, "You're grown up now, but you're not really because you still know all the words to that poem, so you'll always be my kid" so it always gets me (I'm at a loss as to which birthday it was though). I also got teary-eyed describing a Publix commercial to my friend (the one where the kid makes a valentine's day cake and then gives it to his mom... sniff). And then there was the time I cried in the bar when Laura and I were telling each other about putting dogs to sleep. WHY we were talking about putting dogs to sleep when we're both big softies is beyond me. I got the sniffles walking to my car after saying bye to Laura, which I got a handle on after reminding myself that she and I have gone long periods of time without seeing each other before, and that I'm coming back eventually. Lastly, I sobbed for about a minute and a half talking to myself about the ending of this one really great book on the car ride home from Disney. Suffice it to say I laughed at my tears a few times this weekend.

I am home now though and just made my flight arrangements for staging. The date got moved up a day, and while it's only 24 hours, it scared me a little how close it is. I'll be flying to Philly on February 8th, arriving at 2:30 pm. I got an email from SATO (the gov't travel agency) confirming my flight, and it said they paid $443 for me to get to Philly, but I just looked it up on Expedia, and the exact flight I'm taking only cost $146. Hahaha, ummmm...? Where is that extra $300 going??? Anyway, registration is at 6:00 pm and then we have ice breakers and clinic appointments (ie: lots of shots), and "what to expect" meetings all day on the 9th. On the 10th we check out of the hotel at 2:30 am, drive to JFK, and fly to Johannesburg, South Africa. We get into Joburg at 8:40 am the next day, have a 5 hour layover, and then fly to Entebbe, Uganda at 2:00 pm, arriving at about 7:00 pm. Um, wow.


RENEE! said...

I have totally cried during fireworks before... no worries. Haha :)

victoria said...

congrats on Feb being that much closer.

just as any FYI - the extra $300 is because the US Govt/Congress requires that all federally-purchased flights are completely non-refundable. Unfortunate that we don't get to save money on cheap flights, but when your plans/meetings do change (as they almost inevitably do) it is really nice to have.