Friday, January 7, 2011

i am wiped

I just spent all day at my storage unit, sorting, throwing out, and packing my car. I brought home seven boxes and some odds and ends that have now been reduced to three boxes to keep, two to get rid of, one bin to fill if I need it, and one box that has been flattened. I unpacked boxes and looked at each thing individually, so I feel pretty confident in my sorting. I got rid of plain martini glasses, and kept the fun ones, ditched the cheap plastic cups, but kept the glasses that were from my dad. I think I'm going to try to have a collective effort garage sale in a couple of weeks, so hopefully I will make a buck or two off my crap that I've been paying $72 a month to hold on to. Silliness.

I also started my packing pile. It looks kind of pathetic right now, and honestly I'm second guessing some of the stuff on my list. I approached it with the mindset that I can get what I need in Uganda, so I should bring useful things that also make me happy. It just seems like a of things make me happy. We'll see what ends up happening. My sleeping bag arrived yesterday, and while I did not sleep in it (sorry) I sure as hell rolled around in it for about 15 minutes. It's soft and puffy and bright yellow. After it got here, I got a little itchy on the I-want-to-order-more-PC-stuff front, so I ordered my headlamp and leatherman multi-tool. My backpack was ordered yesterday as well. For anyone who didn't see the comments on my pervious post, Osprey no longer does the pro discount for PC, which I think is pretty shitty. I ordered mine through which gave me a discount and was super nice about me being in PC. Love them.

Going through my books tonight made me seriously rethink getting a Kindle. I am so opposed to them in theory though that I don't know if I can bring myself to do it. I hate that books and physically printed things are going the way of the dinosaurs and cassette tapes; it honestly makes me sad. I have loved books and reading my entire life. I love the feeling of pages turning, being able to flip back and remind yourself what happened somewhere in the middle without having to flip back page by page by page. If there was someway to guarantee that I could get every single book I now own on a Kindle for free, I might be more tempted, because after all, I've already paid for the right to read all these books, I don't want to have to pay for them again.


RENEE! said...

I have a Kindle!!!!!!! I think they are great. If you get the right cover it will feel like you are opening a book when you read it. And its hold like 3000 books. I haven't bought any books yet that are already in my collection, except the ones that are free- which are the super old classics (yeay free books!). And the battery life is super awesome, the page is so easy on the eyes it looks like a real book page. I got it for the Christmas with every intention of bringing it with me to Malawi. And I put all the PDFs that are on my invitee toolkit on my Kindle! It's all so easy. but yeah, any questions you may have... I am basically a Kindle salesperson, haha. Are you on skype?

Anonymous said...

i have a nook. i would recommend it for sure since it has a bigger library of books available to buy than the kindle does. however, nook doesn't have harry potter :(