Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Luggage & Bread. Or, I'm really, really procrastinating here this evening, folks.

Tomorrow morning while I'm at training, doing five hours of language in preparation for my LPI, a Peace Corps driver is coming by my homestay house to pick up my luggage. Other than the fact that I'm not leaving until Monday, this is great news. I have two bags in storage at training right now, and will add one more (plus a bucket and some bedding) to that pile. I am so tired of sorting my things into bags according to when I'll need them next. I am tired of living out of suitcases and constantly packing and unpacking my things. I am tired of being in transition. My biggest fear right now is shuffling through the streets of Kampala with all my crap in tow, and somehow something important not making it to site, or making it to site broken (camera, computer, I'm thinking of you right now). All the other trainees and I can talk about is how badly we just want to be in our own homes, where we can eat what and when we want, and not have to ask permission to bathe or wash clothes. It's really the simple things in life that matter, no?

In other, more fun news, I've decided that while I'm here in Uganda, I want to learn how to bake amazing bread. We were given a cookbook (that I am PUMPED about, I kid you not) that has several bread recipes. I will start with those and then see where it takes me. I lived with my cousins this summer, and Molly is a bread baking aficionado, which is where this little flirtation of an idea is coming from. She and I discussed opening a bakery/restaurant/whatever else we want it to be someday, when we're both done doing what we need to in life, and can settle in to what we want to do. I fully plan on photo-documenting this endeavor and writing about it, of course, so that I can publish it when I get home and then someone can make a movie about it, a la Julie & Julia. No, I'm not kidding.

Ok, I'm obviously just avoiding doing any work in the way of studying for language (kop ango?) or packing up my shit. I'm off.

Miss & love you all.



Jen said...

Obviously, I'm procrastinating too...don't worry, you're not the only one. Lol

Christina said...

Haha... I am too. We move out on Wednesday but I'm no where near ready. So you don't live with a host family? I live with a host for three months, maybe even up to 6 months after. I'm YEARNING to live on my own, to cook and whatnot. I miss just doing stuff without having to ask too.

elizabeth said...

We don't live with host families once we are done with training and at our sites. We move out Monday morning to a hotel for the week of swear in... how come you stay with hosts for longer?