Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm here! We got here on the 11th (I think) and have been holed up in a church camp/compound due to the elections (no one in PC is allowed to travel, has to stay in touch, etc). They went smoothly and security was lifted yesterday, so we could go exploring. Lo and behold, an internet cafe! It's pretty beautiful here, though it's still feeling like a vacation since we're only around each other and being taken care of. It's very different from most PSTs, so I'm interested to see how it affects the rest of the two years, if at all.

I sent some letters with a staff member traveling back to the states, so if you get one post marked from America, don't think I'm just hiding out pretending to be in Peace Corps :) I hope to hear back from all of you (hint...) and also from those of you whose address I don't have yet and don't know where to send letters to! I made a video of our walk to the bar, but I didn't bring my flash drive or anything with me since I wasn't sure of the virus issues that may be going on in this roadside internet cafe. Hopefully I'll get a modem or something eventually and will have my own internet to do fun things on, like show you my walk to the bar :)

I feel like since I've been here for so long, I don't really have updates on when we first arrived or any of the million hours of traveling (there were that many, I promise.) We move in with our host families finally tomorrow, so I'll be packing bags once again when I get back to the dorms. FUN.

I love you all and MISS YOU! Please go eat some moes or chipotle or bento for me, go visit Nora and play with my cat, visit my mom and love on my dog... all of those things.

Lastly, I totally and most definitely blessed the rains (down in Africa) the other night the first time it rained :) then I played Toto four times in a row. Bam.


Kimberley Rose said...

I will eat Chipotle for the both of us! Enjoy the host family, Liz! And I am glad to hear elections went okay, thank goodness :)

Tija Leigh said...

YAYYY! I am so happy to hear that you made it safely, that elections went smoothly, and that you're off to a great start! Can't wait to hear how things go! (And, like Kim, I'll munch on some Chipotle for you!)

Jessica said...

How fantastic and amazing is this? I will eat one or all of the requested things above, and will wash it down with a whiskey ginger of sorts. I am mailing your "A" package tomorrow. I have had it done for a while, but it has been sitting on my kitchen counter un-mailed. Tomorrow, it happens. Hugs and Love from the good ole US of A.