Saturday, November 24, 2012

There's no such thing as too much pie

Thanksgiving is proven to be the most important holiday to PCVs around the world. I'm extrapolating this data based on my own opinion and the fact that I'm a PCV, so perhaps that's not a totally scientific statement. Whatever.

This is what I look like when I peel apples, and also what I look like after x number of days not showering. (x = 11). I'm thankful to be so charming and gorgeous.

I'm thankful I can find apples in Lira

I hosted Thanksgiving in my tiny home again, this time with about half the number of people as last year. No one slept on the floor and everyone had a mosquito net, almost unnecessary considering dry season has started and there are fewer bugs around.  Now that it's over and time is moving faster than it was during October (longest gd month ever) I feel like I can breathe a little easier, calm down, and stop worrying if this next month will ever actually happen.  

I'm thankful for Jacque who cuts sweet potatoes oh so beautifully, and keeps me sane :) 

And Rachel who never fails to make me laugh

We have a joke in Peace Corps, "expectations... reality" which is based on this website. Basically we just remind each other not to get our hopes up. I am happy to say that both last year's and this year's Thanksgiving celebrations blew that joke out of the water. With enough pots and coordination I've happily discovered that almost anything is possible. 

I'm thankful for hammocks and facial expressions/hand motions during stories.


I'm thankful that the kittens have learned to use a litter box without too much hullabaloo.

I'm thankful for friends who make me fudge, deep-fried snickers bars, and breaded pork chops.

I'm thankful to have a kitty to keep me company for a few months here

The celebration started about two weeks ago when I picked up three (THREE) boxes of food that my mom sent. Perhaps you think having food from home via mail is cheating? I. do. not. care. We poured over cranberry sauce, stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole ingredients, and mini pie shells for instant pudding.  To this spread we added two pumpkin pies, apple pie, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese (which will henceforth be a traditional thanksgiving dish for me and mine), bbq pork chops, and fudge. 

I'm thankful for my mom. handsdown. period. best mom ever. & neon making a comeback. (also, how many freaking colors are in my hair?!)

I'm thankful for a boxed wine station in my sitting room.

I'm thankful for my picnic table and outdoor chairs, barbecue sauce from London, and nalgenes. 

I'm thankful for this plate of food and glass of wine. 

I'm thankful I wasn't in this much pain.

I'm thankful for just-add-milk anything (in this case, cookies 'n' cream pudding)

I'm thankful I'm somehow getting better at pie crusts

I'm thankful for canned food that lasts a year (like the ingredients in this pumpkin pie)

I'm thankful for teal walls, pictures from home, and cheeky notes

I'm thankful for breakfast pies and my coffee press. 

I'm thankful for left-over Thanksgiving sandwiches & Amanda Pie

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Tango said...

this is my favorite post you've ever written :) im so glad you had a great looking thanksgiving! I cant WAIT!!!!!