Friday, November 30, 2012

That sh*t cray

I knew it was a full moon the other night, not because the news or a calendar or because the internet told me, but because things around my home went batshit crazy.  Jacque arrived midmorning so we could start getting things together for our World Aids Day event this weekend, we broke into the box of wine, spread out the poster paper and markers, put on some TrueBlood, and proceeded to watch things go south from there.  One: I went to use the latrine and was met by a tiny (like the length of my hand tiny) black snake curled up behind the door. (what IS it with me and snakes lately?). Two: Jacque let out the loudest most terrified scream I've heard from her in the almost two years we've known each other and flung a giant spider across the poster paper on which I was writing HIV truths and myths.  Three: A toad hopped across our laps and into my bedroom.  I scooped him out with my dustpan and grumbled about animals in my house.  Four: Dogs were howling.  Five: When the lights went out my cat and her kittens got into a very intense growling/hissing/spitting fight and I was pretty sure she was going to attack her children.  Five things that added up to one nutso night.

Other than that I've just had constant company for more than a week now with Thanksgiving and preparations for World Aids Day.  There was absolutely a second Thanksgiving dinner last night, sans green beans.  It was magical. Sunday we're going down for Camp GLOW where we'll be for a week before coming back to my place for five days of laying out, patting ourselves on the back for finishing the term, being what we like to call "super volunteers", and day-dreaming about the upcoming transcontinental travels.

"Wait... wait, i'm back in Uganda?"

We missed you

Girl cat being adorbs

Pistachio pudding pies in lieu of an actual meal

Vera stocking in my favorite colors from Nora :)

Cheesecake pudding pie, again in lieu of an actual meal

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