Sunday, August 29, 2010

pictures pictures pictures

Another blast from the past back story, because I promise everything going forward will make more sense if this is clear.

When I was 12 my dad died. One of the things I snagged from his house (I really don't remember how I got everything...) was his Nikon F from 1970. An old SLR, six lenses, and a whole lot of love. I taught myself to use the camera and have fallen in love with everything photographic since then. I have taken pictures at weddings, of musicians trying to begin their careers, and just about every other situation I am ever in. There is the problem though - film offers limited opportunity to explore and experiment. Of course I can buy a roll of film, read articles on how to shoot a new technique, and then go out and try 36 shots... but I will have NO idea how any of them came out until I get it developed a few days or weeks later. Too much grain? There goes the entire roll. Overexposed? Yep, that sucks. I've wasted so much film trying to get a shot of lightning that it's embarrassing to walk into the developing lab because I know the girl behind the counter is just going to tell me they were all blank. Damn. I needed a new camera. I just ordered a magnificent DSLR that will allow me to play around and try new things, seeing how each and every change I make affects my pictures. I'm tracking my package on UPS and it's been sitting in Georgia for a while, I'm such a twelve year old.

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